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Undefined Is Not A Function Javascript Error


In the future, I would appreciate comments aiming to be constructive. You have changed prompt() from a function into a string or a number. While Coffeescript will guard you against many of the above errors, it won't help you much with your own errors, and its terse nature can be a source of other bugs. Better practice is to contain your entire script within a closure, and pass in core elements like the document and window objects, and jQuery (and/or whichever frameworks, libraries, etc. check over here

I've put a "title" on this so others can spot it and I'd like to whittle down the code a bit so we aren't giving away all the fun. in fact I'd go so far as to say that is likely the only relevant code for this question. –Alex Wayne Nov 21 '12 at 22:03 Sorry, that should The message "left-hand side in assignment" is referring to the part on the left side of the equals sign, so like you can see in the above example, the left-hand side Help please! 31 points Submitted by daybeforenight over 1 year ago 1 Comment Judy over 1 year ago I'm not sure how you ended up in this TypeError thread with that great post to read

Javascript Uncaught Typeerror Is Not A Function

When I googled on the issue, most people have forgotten to load jquery or the treeview library, but I can see that both of them are loaded in the sources tab Does anyone have any ideas about why it isn't working? The result of doing so was that the usual code that is invoked when you use the prompt() function was overwritten by whatever it was you put on the right hand There's no need to use && or == etc in Coffeescript, you can use the reserved words or, and, not.

  1. Post the error message, and the code the error message references. –Alex Wayne Nov 22 '12 at 0:01 1 I'm sorry -- yes, the error was wrong.
  2. If you guess that the console.log() call would either output undefined or throw an error, you guessed incorrectly.
  3. So: messages = ['hello', 'dolly'] console.log(message) for message in messages is actually extracted to: (function(){ var messages, _i, _l; messages = ['hello', 'dolly']; for (i = 0, l = messages.length; i
  4. Rita Usanga over 2 years ago Tried that before asking the question, still got the error.
  5. This can cause many headfakes and pull-out-your-hair kind of bugs.
  6. Take the this vs that issue in #9 above.
  7. To get around this, use another variable such as "names".
  8. I get told I will hear from someone else who can be in my time zone.

var x = someFunctionThatReturnsAnObject() var y = someFunctionThatReturnsAnObject() if (x == y) console.log("same same", x, y) else console.log("different", x, y) will likely show "same same [object] [object]", whereas var x = The delete operator (used to remove properties from objects) cannot be used on non-configurable properties of the object. async allows you to write the above like this: function thingyWhatsit(thingId, whatsitId, callback) { async.parallel({ thing: function(next) { $.get("/thing/" + thingId, function(data){ next(null, data) }).fail(function(err){ next(err, null) }) }, whatsit: (function(id) Javascript Is Not A Function Error But many developers, coming to JavaScript from Ruby, or Python, or Java, or C, or even PHP, get thrown by some of JavaScript's quirks.

Just like whoAmI, whoAmI2 is called NOT as a property on an object, so (not in strict mode) it ends up with the "this" keyword meaning the global object (i.e. Javascript Typeerror $ Is Not A Function Yes, a future version is where we can rest our hopes and dreams.Sushil KumarReally a nice article.. hello world" because that x = 'hello world' is an assignment and not a comparison. What's the most confusing error you've seen?

I've seen people write this: function thingyWhatsit(thingId, whatsitId) { var thingData = null var whatsitData = null $.get("/thing/" + thingId, function(data){ thingData = data }).fail(function(err){ console.log("got thing error", err) }) $.get("/whatsit/" Uncaught Typeerror $ Is Not A Function Jquery By also assigning onClick to element.click, the circular reference is created; i.e.: element -> onClick -> element -> onClick -> element… Interestingly, even if element is removed from the DOM, the What does that mean? EdaddouI keep in running into "ORIGINAL EXCEPTION: TypeError: Cannot read property ‘request' of undefined" MikeHi, I have a problem, that I don't understand. The outer function returns the inner function (which also uses this scoped num variable) and the element’s onclick is set to that inner function.

Javascript Typeerror $ Is Not A Function

The argument called "value" shadows the "value" thing from the outer scope. Because the document and $ variables don't need to be sourced from the global scope, but are immediately available as parameters, the JavaScript interpreter often has much less work to do. Javascript Uncaught Typeerror Is Not A Function To write the equivalent code in Coffeescript, you'd write class Thing constructor: (@name) -> delayedName: (callback) -> setTimeout => callback @name , 1000 thing = new Thing('whatsit') thing.delayedName (name) -> console.log Typeerror Undefined Is Not A Function Node There are numerous ways for them to occur, so we’ll just highlight a couple of their more common occurrences.

Read up on scopes, prototypes, and more. check my blog The result of doing so was that the usual code that is invoked when you use the console.log() function was overwritten by whatever it was you put on the right hand later on in the code x |= 5 will either: Throw an error if x === null, or; Give you 13 if x === 9. Apologies for the inconvenience.Hiring? Uncaught Typeerror Undefined Is Not A Function Jquery

The error must be elsewhere in your code. 0 votes permalink If somewhere along the way you assigned prompt or confirm to a var, an easy solution to this is to I personally would have liked an empty array to have been falsy, but Ey, can't have it all I guess.NorbertYou may investigate transpiling/compiling to javascript from whatever language you DO like. Explanation: confirm() is a function, it is waiting for you to put something inside those ( ). this content Normally prompt() is a function but now you have turned it into a string or a number.

How to fix this error: Remove circular references like in the example from any objects you want to convert into JSON. Typeerror Undefined Is Not A Function Angularjs So lets look at where that is declared: var Tasks = Backbone.Collection.extend({ model: Task, url: '/tasks' }); If that's all the code for this collection, then the root cause is right Working example: http://jsbin.com/bexohageje/edit?html,js,consoleKostasNeat!

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It is also sometimes caused by simple spelling errors:function Connectme(){}var x = Conenctme(); //notice the spelling error in the function name.2k Views Onimisi Onipe, I know.jsWritten 27w agoJust exactly what it The error is in the 'printPerson' function. You can also use unless as an alternative to if if that helps with readability. Uncaught Typeerror Object Is Not A Function But also could anyone help me complete this code, because im receiving errors and i dont know why The checkbox's are dynamically generated with, name=event[], value=event_id and title=eventprice.

imantas2 almost 2 years ago lol u guyze r hax0rz 0 votes permalink Thank you so much for posting this, being a person completely new to coding all of this helped Definitely a topic I might write about in the future! gotofritz"I’ve been looking at these kinds of tools lately"? But as soon as a variable is used by any closure, it ends up in the lexical environment shared by all closures in that scope. have a peek at these guys TypeScript, Ruby, C, Scala just to name a few.

It does also give you formal class structures, and generates all that annoying Model.prototype.doStuff = function() stuff for you. The line number for this will usually be correct.