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Ubuntu Error There Is A Problem With The Configuration Server

So all folders such as .gconf and any files that start with . compiz (video) - Warn: No 8 bit GLX pixmap format, disabling YV12 image format They both work though. The issue was resolved with chmod but I can no longer connect to my external monitor (TV). From there, I can > only run "sudo gnome-panel", and I'm in the root profile. http://centralpedia.com/ubuntu-error/ubuntu-error-activating-xkb-configuration.html

Run the command $cupsctlLogDebugHistory=999999 for practically unlimited logging of failed jobs. Try our newsletter Sign up for our newsletter and get our top new questions delivered to your inbox (see an example). The question is no is this elilo something that Novell approves of? The problem is the same with gnome and kde.

more hot questions question feed about us tour help blog chat data legal privacy policy work here advertising info mobile contact us feedback Technology Life / Arts Culture / Recreation Science After update and reboot, you should be fine! Use one of the following methods for unfiltered printing: Independent how your printer is connected, you can print unfiltered by using the "lp" or "lpr" commands with the "-oraw" argument: $lp-d-oraw

Andy Pascall (apascall) wrote on 2010-05-10: #8 Switching to tty2 and running "/usr/lib/libconf-2-4/gconf-sanity-check-2" produced a bunch of errors. I need anyone who can wrap their head around this to help. I can get into an X-session by stopping gdm and running startx as root, but this only seems like a temporary solution and I don't have all functionality when I do The Official Ubuntu Book, Fourth Edition, will get you up and running quickly.

I think that did it. Apparently re(installing) gnome-panel helped some users. Not able to access the terminal at all at present. See also the file /usr/share/doc/cups-filters/README.gz, section "POSTSCRIPT PRINTING RENDERER AND RESOLUTION SELECTION".

USB -> Parallel adapter We highly recommend not to buy and use these adapters to get old parallel-only printers connected to newer computers without parallel port. Many routers you can configure that the printer always gets the same IP and you can also assign a host name. Fix #1 worked for me and also found that my .ICEAuthority file in /var/lib/gdm was corrupted. When I want to boot up using the memory stick, I need to adjust the boot sequence in BIOS.

Consider yourself a hero, Harmeet. >> >> >> On Sat, Mar 20, 2010 at 2:21 PM, Harmeet

The problem started after I started working on getting jack & pulseaudio going with a firewire soundcard using some of the ubuntu studio packages. http://centralpedia.com/ubuntu-error/ubuntu-error-11.html If you already have an open question at https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu then please add the Terminal output below to the thread which was previously opened. Selected to load SLES 11. Error reading the file: Failed: Couldn't open path file `/etc/gconf/2/path': No such file or directory and on the terminal: Failed to load addresses to delete locks sojourner (itsmealso2) wrote on 2008-09-12:

But when I changed the permission of /tmp as you said , the problem had resloved . Subscribing... Open a terminal/console and check if the usb kernel modules are loaded: $lsmod|grepusb Unplug the USB printer cable from your computer and enter this command: $tail-f/var/log/syslog Reconnect the USB printer cable, http://centralpedia.com/ubuntu-error/ubuntu-error-activating-xkb-configuration-macbook-pro.html You have to pay for the software and for the calibration service.

Thanks malcolmlewis19-Jun-2015, 18:06On Fri 19 Jun 2015 04:34:01 PM CDT, Jim Beck wrote: Using Enterprise Server 11 with SP3 installed. On Sat, Mar 20, 2010 at 11:25 PM, Richard Garrett

You can edit the /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/80proxy file using this command: gksudo gedit /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/80proxy More documentation about the apt-get package manager http://www.binarytides.com/apt-get-tutorial-package-management-ubuntu-commandline/ http://www.tecmint.com/useful-basic-commands-of-apt-get-and-apt-cache-for-package-management/ http://www.tuxarena.com/intro/ubuntu001.php More documentation about the AppGrid Lightweight Software Center Alternative

  1. To correct some problems with permissions I changed the smb.conf file.
  2. If it has a USB or Ethernet port, use one of these for connection.
  3. This is what I did - >>> >>> Press Alt+Ctrl+T, this will bring a terminal window.
  4. If the printer is connected via the network (both ethernet or WLAN), you can use "nc" ("netcat", part of the netcat-openbsd and netcat-traditional packages, install one of them if needed) to
  5. No further output.
  6. I also tried to chmod the /tmp to 755 or 777, but neither made any change, so I left it as it was (777).
  7. There it only appears if you move the mouse into the top bar.
  8. This is in the resolve_address function in backends/xml-backend.c, called via gconf_resolve_address from the check_gconf function in gconf/gconf-sanity-check.c." I know for a fact that this is why my problem is occurring.

Sebastien Bacher (seb128) wrote on 2010-05-10: #6 not really no, .xsession-errors could have errors Andy Pascall (apascall) wrote on 2010-05-10: #7 Comparing the .xsession-errors between computers that have the problem and Although, I am surprised that the smb.conf file would get tested at this point. The one thing I have found is that it is very difficult to find people that really know these systems. This is an application bug! > compiz (video) - Warn: No 8 bit GLX pixmap format, disabling YV12 image > format > > They both work though. > I have tried

Set up the printer via system-config-printer ("Add" button). We are trying to launch a 100+ seat ltsp upgrade, We have tried every suggested solution for this problem with no positive result. Viva Intrepid now!! > salparadise17 (onlyirish) wrote on 2008-11-16: #31 "This may not be why it happens to everyone, but during beta ISO testing I noticed that this happens if you http://centralpedia.com/ubuntu-error/ubuntu-error-unable-to-access-jarfile-minecraft-server-jar.html During the install, I've put my home partition on the /home mount point.

malcolmlewis20-Jun-2015, 20:10On Sat 20 Jun 2015 06:44:02 PM CDT, Jim Beck wrote: Great Idea to use the install media. This makes jobs stay in the queue so that you can capture them. Starting metacity gives some gconf-key errors and dies with "metacity:ERROR:core/prefs.c:2495:meta_prefs_get_worksace_name: assertion failed Aborted ASUS EEE 1000H =============== Same bug, but no xterm, no gnome, no kde. ------------ Importance should be urgent. He also contributes to OpenStreetMap and works to promote Ubuntu on Vancouver Island.

After that I tried to make it work using gnome-keyboard-properties, but I wasn't very lucky... Jim_Beck22-Jun-2015, 00:16Malcolm, thanks for all the help! But as a mostly end-user, I am at a loss to know how to proceed to check anything.