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Ultimate Boot Stick Error 60


Das Image kann dann nicht in einem zusammenhängenden Areal gespeichert werden, ist also fragmentiert. Thanks to BootyM for the update. Updated F-Prot Antivirus to V6.2.3 and X-FProt to V2.4expl4. Aug 10, 2003 1.3 Added Diagnostic Tool Ver 6.10 for Fujitsu HDD. this contact form

Create a empty 2.88 MByte file: $ dd if=/dev/zero of=disk.img bs=1024 count=2880 Format the created image file and copy the bootsector from a real floppy disk: $ mformat -i disk.img -f Updated CPUStress to V2.5.2 (7 Sep 2014). RRC means Remote Recover by Winternals (commercial). Mar 15, 2004 2.21 Fixed a couple of errors in cdshell.ini. http://bootsticks.npage.de/faq.html

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Thanks to Ulrich Sibiller for this tip. I don't understand why you need different grub commands if you are just loading an ISO file. Rapidshare und Netload waren zwar temporär auch klasse, aber eben nur temporär.

Man kann aber einfach die menu.lst bearbeiten um das Aussehen an seine Bedürfnisse anzupassen, wie man das genau macht kann man z.B. When I run it, the selection screen appears as expected but I have no way of selecting the options. Updated "ubcd\tools\linux\syslinux2grub4dos\main.sed" and fixed conversion for hdt.c32. Ultimate Boot Cd Password Reset Updated NNSI to V0.59.9.

Thanks to Jordan Plamen for the update. Ultimate Boot Cd For Windows 7 Added x86test V0.10a. If I choose to run AIDA16 and afterwards want to go back to the "Screenshot" that you show on your web page, how do I do this? http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=7057 Apr 10, 2013 5.2.2 md5sum: 96c606bbdf9dba186e1ec36469eaf0df sha1sum: d663771c2b583f59a5a4054cd5c7734d12a2e7f9 Updated Parted Magic help text.

I can boot the Windows XP setup CD, and the UBCD CD I made boots in a Pentium box, but it won't boot in my new Opteron box. Ultimate Boot Cd Vs Hirens Thanks to ady for the update. I thought it would be nice to compile all what I learned yesterday to a simple, small tutorial. Question: Can someone confirm for me that all software included on the ubcd as distributed is freeware/shareware/licensed for use by anyone who owns the relevant hardware?

Ultimate Boot Cd For Windows 7

Kernel and memory managers have been updated. Choose packet-driver and DHCP and start browsing. How To Use Ultimate Boot Cd Thanks to ady for the update. Ultimate Boot Cd Iso Sep 22, 2003 1.6 I missed out the key mappings for booting from the floppy drive and hard disk.

Thanks to Rafal Rajko-Nenow for suggesting this. weblink Question: What is an ISO image file? Added NetCopy V0.2. This is activated by typing ubcdvir at the command prompt. Ultimate Boot Cd Usb

Credits, Resources and Sources - Cookies & Privacy Policy Linux® is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds. I am able to load the boot.gz and everything works up until i actually try and run a program. Thanks to Stefano for the update. http://centralpedia.com/ultimate-boot/ultimate-boot-cd-i-o-error.html Updated F-Prot Virus Definition File to 10 Mar 2004.

Updated DLG Diagnostic to V5.20. Ultimate Boot Cd Windows 10 The next time you need to rescue someone’s computer from absolutely any problem whatsoever, try booting off of this USB Flash drive to find the solution. More space used on the floppy but I loaded the files I could into the Linux file system image inside.

Standard YUMI V2 Changelog (Windows Version Only) 10/03/16 Version Switch back to 7-Zip 9.20. 09/14/16 Version Fix menu entries for boot repair, and elementary OS.

Reduced overall size of CD by using lower-capacity floppy sizes for certain programs. Thanks to Explorer09 for the update. I have not been able to find out much info on it. Falconfour's Ultimate Boot Cd But you can use Ranish Partition Manager, which is a very nice and capable substitute for FDISK.

Thanks to ady for the update. Can’t find myself on the drive I booted from First, replace your chain.c32 file located at multiboot/chain.c32 with (you'll need to unzip the file) -> This zipped chain.c32 File If replacing Updated g4u to V2.0. his comment is here Added Intel Optimized LINPACK Benchmark V11.0.3 (in CPUStress V2.3.1).

Updated MemTest86 to V3.2. Updated MemTest86+ to V1.20. I have been using Maxtor's 4.09 to double-check other tests/drives. Thanks to Reinhard Max for contributing the boot image.

For testing i have been trying to run MHDD hard drive diag tool. Thanks to su.ar for the suggestion. Thanks to coco7 for the suggestion. Thanks to Dmitry Stefankov for the update.

It can be used to create a Multiboot USB Flash Drive containing multiple operating systems, antivirus utilities, disc cloning, diagnostic tools, and more. Hier muss man lediglich den USB-Stick mit einem Tool wie z.B. avg.zip avg7dos.lng avg.exe avgdefs.zip avi7.avg microavi.avg miniavi.avg mcafee.zip License.dat Messages.dat Scan.exe Scanpm.exe You might also want to read up AutoVir: auto-updating AntiVirus Suite, an FAQ that Erwin Veermans has written on Mit Version wurde das Problem gefixt. 12) Windows 7 Installation auf SSD nicht möglich!

For some reason, Avast cannot be run from the RAM disk, so this feature cannot be used with Avast. Updated Parted Magic to 2013_02_28_i586. Updated HDClone to V4.3.7. file missing R:/HBCD/MHDD.uha !!

It just needs a plain DOS environment because it requires free access to port registers (that's why it works in Win9x but not in NT/2K/XP) to wipe the CMOS RAM content. Updated Offline NT Password & Registry Editor to 070409.