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Unable To Add User Unknown Error 241

The system has automatically enabled tracking code in order to try and catch the culprit. ERROR_WAKE_SYSTEM 730 (0x2DA) The system has awoken. ERROR_WAIT_1 731 (0x2DB) ERROR_WAIT_1 ERROR_WAIT_2 732 Go to http://www.alk.com/tech/25/net.zip 2. Unzip the contents of the zip file to the folder PMW220\App (Default Location: C:\Program Files\ALK Technologies\PMW220\App) 4. For all other operating systems: 1. his comment is here

error -23037 ipRouteErr: No gateway available to manage routing of packets to off-network destinations. Also, if you place them in batches by regions, it will process faster. Any other settings are not supported. A Multi-Version Switch (MVS) product is available now that will let you run multiple versions of PC*MILER together.

You will be prompted to download "vcredist_x86.exe" 3. Where a 53'/Twin Trailer route is forced to use a restricted road, the Detailed Driving Directions for that route includes a warning, and a red exclamation point appears next to the error -23014 invalidRDS: The RDS refers to receive buffers not owned by the user.

On the Server, browse to the PMW260 Share (Default Location: C:\Program Files\ALK Technologies\PMW260) 2. This is partially because there are no maps that can be displayed, as in the Windows version. Which means you can't add other users to FV2 on the machine because it's not using the configuration you attempted to push. error -23015 openFailed: The connection came halfway up and then failed.

The first time you sign in to RouteSync, you will be prompted to validate the new RouteSync account. Apple added a few new enterprise friendly features in 10.9 with the fdesetup binary that allow the JSS to better report and interact with FileVault2 encrypted machines. error -341 smCkStatusErr: Status of slot fail. To solve this you need to change your installation of MS Office. 1.

This could not be flagged. error -317 smInitTblVErr: An error occured while trying to initialize the Slot Resource Table. Why is the size of my email so much bigger than the size of its attached files? If you have an idea for a new feature, please email us.

An oplock of a lower level may be available. ERROR_CANNOT_BREAK_OPLOCK 802 (0x322) The operation did not complete successfully because it would cause an oplock to be broken. https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/ms681388(v=vs.85).aspx error -415 btRecNotFnd: Record cannot be found. yet \- On my next round of testing in the lab I will check that out. @mm2270 \- Thanks for the tips \- I will look into those \- especially adding I am getting a Runtime error 48 when trying to use Excel.

Follow the steps below to fix. this content error -3170 kOTBadNameErr: The endpoint name is invalid. Next, make sure you have PC*MILER and all relevant solutions installed. The system has been shut down. ERROR_DATA_NOT_ACCEPTED 592 (0x250) {Data Not Accepted} The TDI client could not handle the data received during an indication. ERROR_VDM_HARD_ERROR 593 (0x251) NTVDM encountered

I forgot my RouteSync password. Then e-mail your 25-character Product Key Code to pcmsupport@alk.com with your initial error message 4. Choose “Change License,” re-enter product key information (25-character key), and click to activate manually* (after the key has been reset). *When activating manually, click the link above where it is asking weblink PC*MILER 24 License Error: -712 1.

Join the conversation. Download in other formats: Comma-delimited Text Tab-delimited Text RSS Feed Powered by Trac 1.0.2 By Edgewall Software. Download the file net.zip 3.

error -157 cDepthErr: invalid pixel depth error -156 cResErr: invalid resolution for MakeITable error -155 cDevErr: invalid type of graphics device error -154 cProtectErr: colorTable entry protection violation error -153 cRangeErr:

  1. Either it is retried after the containing onode is moved or the extent stream is converted to a large stream. ERROR_FOUND_OUT_OF_SCOPE 601 (0x259) The attempt to find the object found
  2. If you are running Microsoft Office 2010: 1) Open Excel and click on File then Options to open the Excel Options dialog. 2) In the dialog box that opens, in the
  3. Then Browse to your PMW240\Excel Folder (Or other folder you placed the files in) and select the PCMSRV32.xla PC*MILER|BatchPro 1.
  4. Unknown error (241)" message appears.
  5. NOTE: For PC*MILER 26.1 installs use the default directory of: c:\ALK Technologies\PMW261\... 5.

Yes. Choose “Change License,” re-enter product key information (25-character key), and click to activate manually* (after the key has been reset). *When activating manually, click the link above where it is asking error -3179 kOTBadSyncErr: A call to Sync was made at non-SystemTask time. Posted: 8/18/15 at 3:37 PM by syunetsy I'm also curious to see if there's a resolution to this before handing this over to support/support rep.

On the Server, browse to the PMW240 Share (Default Location: C:\Program Files\ALK Technologies\PMW240) 2. error -3163 kOTNoDisconnectErr: No disconnect indication is available. WindowServer[170]: _CGXGetWindowOrderingGroup: Operation on a window 0x5d requiring rights 0x5 by caller System PreferencesOct 22 10:42:16 macbook4 com.apple.xpc.launchd[1] (com.apple.FileSyncAgent.PHD.isRunning): The HideUntilCheckIn property is an architectural performance issue. check over here This feature is useful for scheduled runs, running a sequence of batch files, or for running BatchPro from another application – for example, executing an overnight batch run .

This is secure, but may be incompatible with previous releases of the operating system. error -318 smNoJmpTbl: SDM jump table could not be created. You want the miles for the route from these 4 columns to appear in the fifth column. To restore access to this installation of Windows, please upgrade this installation using a licensed distribution of this product. ERROR_ILLEGAL_DLL_RELOCATION 623 (0x26F) {Illegal System DLL Relocation} The system DLL %hs

Now when I start Excel I get the following error message: "Repairs to 'ASAP Utilities.xla' Excel was able to open the file by repairing or removing the unreadable content. Dialog with your fellow IT professionals, gain insight about Apple device deployments, share best practices and bounce ideas off each other.