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Unable To Expand The Folder. A Tcp/ip Error Occurred

RX3304 Unable to get your computer's Internet address from your TCP/IP hosts file. See information on error RX703. It's also possible that the XRDB file that you are attempting to load contains invalid syntax. RX5087 A command is required for a client connection. his comment is here

RX5043 Unable to expand %s macro because command would become too long. Reflection X cannot find the specified client file. See the product help for some sample entries. RX4527 You have not saved your modified keyboard map to a file. Check This Out

RX452 The specified host access security file name is invalid. Each entry in the directory file contains the name of the file containing a font, and the font's full name. To display the path, enter PATH at an MS-DOS prompt.

  • Regards Steve Log In or Register to post comments Ron Walsh (not verified) on Jun 19, 2001 Thanks for publishing Steve Ryles's "18 Steps to a TCP/IP Boot Disk" (March 2001)--just
  • Make sure that Pcx$server.com is installed on your host.
  • Windows Start the Object Spawner service through the Windows Services manager.
  • There is no node specified for this class of address.
  • Refer to your TCP/IP software documentation.
  • To edit the file, select the file in the connection list on the left side of the Reflection X Manager.
  • Make sure that the From (first) value specified in By client number and By event range is less than the To value (Trace Output Filter Settings dialog box).
  • Close other applications and try again.
  • Follow these steps: Execute the following command in a Command prompt window: Windows prompt> netstat –ano | find "8611" Note: substitute 8621 or 8631 in order to check the other ports.
  • Select Change Setup Options, and on the resulting screen, set Change Logon Validation to Logon to Domain, as Figure 2 shows.

You may need to add your computer's node number to the static portion of the DECnet node database (in PATHWORKS 4.x, this database is called Decnode.dat; in version 5.0, it is A new black window will open. RX5031 Unable to resolve host name. Select Enable TCP/IP in the Network Settings dialog box.

Edit Font path to include a location that contains this font. Would you like to select another window? But the user doesn't use any other email programs. http://www.msofficeforums.com/outlook/11559-outlook-2007-tcp-ip-error.html Please change to the correct Client encoding method setting.

Step 16 To fit the C:\net folder and its contents onto the boot disk, you need to remove all nonessential files. Edited by Skeptical Cynic Wednesday, March 07, 2012 3:18 PM Proposed as answer by Skeptical Cynic Wednesday, March 07, 2012 3:19 PM Wednesday, March 07, 2012 3:17 PM Reply | Quote Close other applications to free system resources. Close Outlook.

This should be a temporary fix: A valid color file is preferred because the built-in database cannot be edited.Check the RGB color file in the Color Settings dialog box. http://cannot.expand.the.folder.a.tcp.ip.error.occurred.winadvice.org/ Are you sure you want to reset? If you see an error message when you try to create a shortcut for an X client file, itís likely that you do not have sufficient NT File System (NTFS) privileges The Autoexec.bat had only 03 lines on it as: [email protected] off 2.prompt $p$g 3.set path= a:\dos Of couse, when I boot my computer whith this diskette, It came up but It

Windows Stop the object spawner service through the Windows Services Manager. http://centralpedia.com/unable-to/unable-to-expand-error-1.html RX2103 Your XDMCP connection has terminated. Eject the boot disk, and reboot to your main OS. Copy the files to a directory on your pc.

You can specify a client encoding method on a per client or per host basis in the Local X resource file. RX5173 Could not connect to host with Secure Shell. Unresponsive means that the SAS Stored Process Servers are running, but no requests from client applications are getting through to the server. weblink In the Log file box (X Server Settings dialog box), specify a path and file name to which you have write access.

If Rxwizard.exe is not in this directory, move it there, restore it to the directory from back-up, or re-install Reflection X. This error message displays if the Reflection Kerberos check box (Security Properties dialog box) is selected, and you attempted to log on to a host computer that does not support Telnet If this does not solve the problem, try rebooting your computer.

These are business email accounts that need to be working tomorrow one way or another.

Windows Example Windows path: C:\SAS\project-directory\Lev1\SASMeta\MetadataServer\Logs Windows filename: SASMeta_MetadataServer_.log UNIX Example UNIX path: project-directory/!SASROOT/configuration-directory/Lev1/Logs

UNIX filename: SASMeta_MetadataServer_yyyy-mm-dd_pid.log Note: Normally, there are no errors logged by the metadata server when stored process servers I created the boot disks okay but found performance of Ghost dumping to network share too slow. It doesn't appear to be a network problem because he can access the Internet and network resources.  He can access his webmail so it points to the Outlook application or his Contact Attachmate Sales or an authorized partner.

If you found in Step 8 that your network adapter doesn't include an oemsetup.inf file, you can select any network adapter from the list, manually copy the nic_card.dos driver for your See Technical Note 2361. Will ask again to make sure. http://centralpedia.com/unable-to/unable-to-expand-error-1-mac.html Once installed, it will function for %d days and then become inoperable.

Setup MS Outlook and see if it works now. This is typically a follow-up error that you see after an initial error that causes Reflection X to terminate. Are you sure you want to start XDMCP? This will happen about 50% of the time.